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With a Capable Santa Ana Spousal Support Lawyer, Your Rights Are Adequately Protected

If you need an Orange County alimony lawyer, Sarieh Law Offices can provide you with the type of strong, effective representation you need to make sure your needs and interests are adequately protected in a California divorce and any spousal support award made in the Orange County or Los Angeles courts.

California Alimony Calculator

Spousal support is not automatically granted in every case. The court looks at a number of factors in deciding whether to award any alimony and if so, how much. These guidelines set forth in California Family Code Section 4320 outline a host factors for the court to consider in determining and calculating spousal support:

  • Earning capacity of each party
  • Extent to which the supported party contributed to the other spouse’s education, training, or career position
  • Ability of the supporting party to pay spousal support
  • Needs of each party based on the standard of living established during the marriage
  • Obligations and assets, including the separate property, of each party
  • Duration of the marriage
  • Ability of supported party who is also a custodial parent to work
  • Age and health of the parties
  • Any documented history of domestic violence
  • Immediate and specific tax consequences to each party
  • Balance of the hardships to each party
  • The goal for the supported party to become self-supporting
  • A criminal conviction of an abusive spouse
  • Any other factors the court determines are just and equitable

Spousal support can be granted to either spouse, and it may be ordered to be paid one lump sum or periodically over time, either for a definite period or even indefinitely. Whether you are arguing for or against an alimony award, you will want an experienced Orange County divorce attorney on your side who can argue your position persuasively and effectively in a courtroom or mediation.

Orange County Spousal Support Attorneys

The purpose of spousal support under California alimony laws is to recognize the receiving spouse’s contribution to the marriage and to assist that spouse in becoming self-supporting as soon as possible. A spousal support award generally terminates if the receiving spouse remarries. It is also possible to modify a spousal support award by going back to court and proving a change in circumstances that would justify a modification. Common reasons for modifying an award include a substantial increase or decrease in the income of either party, as well as death or remarriage.

Whether you are seeking or opposing an initial alimony award or a modification of a previous order, you need a capable divorce lawyer on your side who is dedicated to looking out for your immediate and long-term needs. In Los Angeles and Orange County, contact the Sarieh Law Offices for a free consultation with an experienced Orange County spousal support attorney.